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In Saudi Arabia, foreign companies are granted a service license, enabling them to engage in diverse service sectors such as restaurants, marketing agencies, IT services, and web or app development. They are permitted to have complete ownership, with the ability to own 100% of service companies operating in the country.

Service License in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, a service license is a legal authorization granted to businesses to provide specific services within the country. This license outlines the scope of permitted services, regulatory compliance, and other relevant terms. Obtaining a service license is crucial for companies looking to operate and offer their services in the Saudi Arabian market.
In Saudi Arabia, the service license covers designated activities. 
  • Construction: Developing infrastructure, buildings, and facilities, contributing to Saudi Arabia’s urban and economic growth through construction services.
  • Administrative Investment: Offering administrative support and investment services to foster business development and regional economic stability.
  • Information Technology: Driving technological innovation and digital transformation, providing cutting-edge IT solutions to propel Saudi Arabia into the future.
  • Tourism: Promoting cultural and leisure experiences, attracting visitors to explore Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage, landscapes, and vibrant attractions.
  • Training: Enhancing skills and knowledge through comprehensive training programs, contributing to workforce development and professional growth in various sectors.
  • Health: Delivering healthcare services to improve the well-being of the Saudi population, ensuring access to quality medical care and promoting a healthy society.
  • Insurance and Reinsurance: Mitigating financial risks and ensuring stability in uncertain times through insurance and reinsurance services.
  • Education: Fostering intellectual growth and educational excellence, shaping the future of Saudi Arabia through comprehensive educational services.
  • Advertising and Media: Amplifying brand presence and communication through advertising and media services, influencing perceptions and driving market awareness.
  • Logistic Services: Facilitating the movement of goods and services efficiently, contributing to the seamless logistics flow in Saudi Arabia.
  • Organising Exhibitions: Showcasing innovation and creativity, organizing exhibitions to promote various industries and connect businesses with their target audience.
  • Catering and Food Services: Catering to diverse culinary preferences, providing food services that enhance dining experiences and contribute to the gastronomic culture.
  • Financial Services: Sustaining economic growth through various financial services, supporting businesses and individuals in managing and expanding their financial portfolios.
  • Aviation and Handling Services: Ensuring smooth air travel operations, offering aviation and handling services vital for the functioning of the aviation industry in Saudi Arabia.
Rules and restrictions for acquiring services license in KSA
  • Ensuring Consistency: The total percentage of Saudi shareholders must align with the capital, following the financial limits specified for the relevant business activity 
  • Premium Residence Exemption: Premium residence holders are exempt from submitting the mentioned documents.
  • Previous Licensing: If any of the partners were previously licensed by the Ministry of Investment, this should be clearly indicated when filling out the partners’ data in the electronic application.
  • Data Entry Requirements: When submitting the electronic application, the applicant must provide data related to:
    • Saudi national identity or premium residence (if held by any of the partners).
    • Commercial registration data for participating Saudi companies.
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