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The rapid evolution of the business landscape places Travel and Tourism at the forefront as a promising sector for entrepreneurial ventures. Saudi Arabia, renowned for its cultural richness, breathtaking landscapes, and thriving tourism industry, presents a golden prospect for individuals seeking to establish a travel and tourism company.

Travel and Tourism License 

In Saudi Arabia, obtaining a travel and tourism license is imperative for businesses to operate in the dynamic industry. Saudi Arabia aims to become a tourism leader in the Middle East, launching extensive projects to attract foreign investors and entrepreneurs.  To obtain licenses for travel and tourism services, Tourism Accommodation Facilities management, and tourism consultancy, it’s essential to maintain a physical office. However, businesses involved in tourism consultancy, organized tours, travel and tourism agency services, and reserving hospitality units are exclusively allowed to operate through online platforms.

The Saudi Tourism Ecosystem

The Saudi Arabian tourism ecosystem comprises six major authorities. These entities collectively oversee and promote the Kingdom’s diverse tourism initiatives.

  • Ministry of Tourism: Focuses on formulating and enforcing laws to enhance the tourism sector, attracting quality investments, empowering the workforce, licensing activities, fostering a favorable investor climate, and generating employment in Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry.
  • Saudi Tourism Authority: It promotes Saudi Arabia as a premier tourism destination globally. Collaborating with the private sector, it develops and distributes tourism packages, coordinates with DMOs on brand strategy, marketing campaigns, and events. Engaging in domestic and international tourism exhibitions, the authority measures and enhances the tourist experience.
  • Tourism Development Fund: It facilitates access to the entire tourism ecosystem, fostering partnerships with public and private lenders to unlock investment potential and develop financial products for SMEs and large institutions, enhancing the appeal of tourism investments for both lenders and investors. 
  • Saudi Red Sea Authority: It oversees and regulates navigational and marine tourism in its jurisdiction. It issues licenses, identifies activity areas, and ensures environmental protection. Additionally, it promotes these activities to attract participants.
  • Air Connectivity Program:  It strengthens routes, promotes tourism, and ensures sustainable market entry. It facilitates collaboration with domestic authorities, supports airlines, and provides strategic insights, business analysis, and co-marketing assistance.
  • Tourism Development Council: It strategically guides the tourism sector’s growth by aligning national objectives, fostering collaboration among government entities and the tourism ecosystem, and assigning responsibilities for priority initiatives to stakeholders.
Licensing for Travel and Tourist Activities in KSA

In Saudi Arabia, you can use the government’s online portal the Ministry of Tourism to secure travel and tourist activity licenses swiftly. This online platform facilitates the application process for various permits, including:

  • Tourism Guidance
  • Private Tourism Accommodation Facilities
  • Experiential Activities
  • Tourism Accommodation Facilities
  • Travel And Tourism Services
  • Tourism Consultancy
  • Accommodation Facilities Management

Engaging in any tourism activity without acquiring the necessary license or doing so when the permit is no longer valid, revoked, or temporarily suspended is strictly prohibited.

Securing the license mandates adherence to four crucial prerequisites
  • Enrollment in the commercial register (excluding tourist guides activity licenses).
  • Municipal license (excluding tourist guides activity licenses).
  • Establish an account within the unified access service.
  • National address.
Procedure for obtaining a travel and tourism license in KSA

To obtain a Travel and Tourism license, an application needs to be submitted via the Ministry of Tourism licensing portal according to the specified requirements and conditions.

Procedure for obtaining Tourism Accommodation Facility license in KSA

The issuance of licenses and classification for Tourism Accommodation Facilities is contingent upon the submission of reports by tourism accommodation inspectors. The classification is established by evaluating the findings outlined in the report.

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