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Apostille services in Saudi Arabia

What is a document apostille in Saudi Arabia?

A document apostille in Saudi Arabia is a certification issued to validate the authenticity of public documents for use abroad. It ensures that the document is recognized and accepted by other countries that are part of the Hague Apostille Convention, simplifying the process of international legal transactions and reducing the need for additional legalisation steps.

Apostille in Saudi Arabia

Document legalization process in Saudi Arabia

Authentication from Origin Country: The document undergoes authentication from the Country of Origin.

Foreign Affairs Department Attestation: Next the document is submitted to the Foreign Affairs Department for attestation. 

Saudi Culture Verification: Following Foreign Affairs Department attestation, the document is sent to the respective university for validation. It is then submitted to the Saudi Culture for further verification.

Saudi Embassy Attestation: Finally, the document is submitted to the Saudi Embassy for the necessary attestation.

Time duration for Saudi Arabian apostille

Obtaining a Saudi apostille time may vary based on the document’s origin and the type of certificate being processed.

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