What is a sole establishment in Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi Arabia, a sole establishment is a business structure where an individual operates a business as the sole owner. This model is standard for small enterprises, offering simplicity in ownership and management. The owner assumes full responsibility for profits, losses, and compliance with local regulations. Sole establishments play a vital role in the diverse economic landscape of the Kingdom, fostering entrepreneurship and local business development. 


What is the procedure for forming an establishment in Saudi Arabia?

  • Choosing Your Business Name: Define your organisation’s formal and distinctive identity, ensuring legal compliance and building a solid brand presence.
  • Completing Commercial Registration: Officially register your business to engage in lawful commercial activities.
  • Listing with the Chamber of Commerce: Mandatory filing with the Chamber of Commerce is essential.
  • Filing with the Ministry of Labor: Register your business with the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia to comply with employment laws.
  • Issuing the General Manager’s Visa: Expedite the approval process for the general manager’s residence permit and visa, with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development managing crucial labor documentation.
  • Enrolling the National Address for Your Company: Establish an authorized business address for inclusion in government records.
  • Listing with the Qiwa Portal – Human Resources & Social Development: Utilize the Qiwa platform to optimize electronic solutions for labor sector services offered by the Ministry of Human Resources & Social Development.
  • Enrollment with Zakat, VAT & Corporate Tax: Register your business for tax compliance with Zakat, VAT, and Corporate Tax in Saudi Arabia.

Company Seal

  • Listing with the Muqeem Portal: Streamline residency data management through the Muqeem portal, ensuring real-time coordination with Saudi authorities for efficient entry and exit processes.
  • Filing with the Absher Portal: Access a comprehensive range of services for Saudi residents through the Absher portal, covering appointments, passport renewals, ID cards, driver’s licenses, and more.
  • Enrollment with the General Organization for Social Insurance: Enroll with the General Organization for Social Insurance to ensure the welfare of workers.
  • Establishing Your Business Bank Account: Set up a dedicated bank account for business-related financial transactions.

Why Helpline Group?

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