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Joint stock company (JSC)

A Saudi joint stock company is a business entity in Saudi Arabia where ownership is divided into shares held by multiple shareholders, allowing for investment and risk-sharing in various industries and promoting economic growth and capital formation. Saudi Arabian corporate laws mandate that if a limited liability company has over fifty shareholders, it must transition into a joint stock company within a year. Additional regulations governing JSCs significantly heighten the costs associated with ensuring compliance compared to limited liability companies (LLCs). The governance structure of JSCs typically includes a board of directors, further enhancing the accountability and oversight of the company. While these regulations may indeed increase the administrative and financial burden on JSCs, they also provide a robust framework for investor protection, which can ultimately attract more local and foreign investment and promote economic growth in Saudi Arabia.

Joint Stock Company
What are the details about the necessary ownership and capital requirements for establishing a joint stock company?


  • A joint-stock company is a legal entity where ownership is represented by shares of stock. The minimum number of shareholders required to establish a joint-stock company varies by jurisdiction.
  • The company must specify the minimum authorized and issued capital as well as the paid-up capital, which shareholders must pay at the time of incorporation.
  • Regulations often mandate maintaining a certain level of capital adequacy to ensure financial stability. Capital can be sourced from various sources, including shareholders, IPOs, private placements, loans, and retained earnings.
  • Share classes may be issued with varying rights, privileges, and restrictions. Companies are required to regularly report their financial status and disclose information to regulatory authorities and shareholders.
  • Procedures for capital increases and decreases must be followed according to legal requirements. Compliance with corporate governance standards and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements are essential for operating a joint-stock company.
What is the procedure for establishing a joint stock company in Saudi Arabia?
  • The establishment of a Saudi joint stock company commences with the initiation of paperwork at the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA).
  • Following the finalization of all legal documents, the company is issued a Commercial Registration Certificate.
  • Similar to the process for setting up an LLC, the post-incorporation phase involves numerous governmental filings and registrations.
  • This stage can be time-consuming, extending over several weeks or even months, before the JSC can commence full-fledged operations.


The essential government registrations in Saudi Arabia encompass:

  • Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD)
  • General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI)
  • Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA)
  • Local business address (Wasel)

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Helpline Group is a premier business consulting agency in Saudi Arabia, specializing in providing joint stock company licenses. A Saudi joint stock company (JSC) is akin to a publicly traded corporation. Closed JSCs are not publicly traded and are off the stock market grid, while public JSCs are listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange, undergoing stringent oversight.