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The GCC is a regional organization comprising six Middle Eastern countries: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar. A GCC national company is typically owned and operated by nationals or residents of these GCC countries. If you are a GCC-based investor aspiring to seize this promising business venture in Saudi Arabia, Helpline Group is your trusted partner. We possess the expertise to guide you seamlessly through every step of the establishment process, ensuring a successful and efficient setup for your business venture in the Kingdom. Navigating the complex landscape of foreign investment in Saudi Arabia can be challenging, but with Helpline Group’s support, you can leverage our experience and understanding of local regulations and requirements to your advantage. Whether it’s setting up a new business entity or expanding your existing operations, we provide comprehensive assistance to ensure that you meet all legal obligations and compliance standards.

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What is a GCC national company?

Establishing a company in Saudi Arabia presents a unique opportunity exclusively available to GCC nationals. The Saudi government has designed a special initiative to encourage investment from fellow GCC countries. Through this initiative, GCC nationals can enjoy the same advantageous privileges and benefits as Saudi nationals when they establish a GCC company in the Kingdom.

What amount of capital is needed for establishing a GCC national company?

Establishing a company in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries involves various factors that determine the required capital. The specific capital requirements can vary based on the country within the GCC and the nature of the business.

  •  Business Type and Structure: Determine the type of business entity and structure.
  •  Legal and Regulatory Specifications: Adhere to any local laws and regulations.
  • Industry and Sector: Consider the specific industry and associated regulations.
  •  Licensing and Permits: Account for costs related to licenses and permits.
  • Financial viability: Develop a solid business plan demonstrating financial feasibility.
  • Working Capital and Growth Plans: Calculate initial working capital and plan for future growth.

The procedure for setting up a GCC national company in Saudi Arabia

  •  Setting up a GCC national company in Saudi Arabia involves several steps and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements set forth by the Saudi Arabian government.
  • To register a business in Saudi Arabia, choose a suitable structure, register with the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, and ensure compliance with minimum capital requirements.
  •  Draft a Memorandum and Articles of Association in Arabic, apply for a commercial registration at the Department of Zakat and Income Tax, and obtain industry-specific licenses and permits from relevant authorities like the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, or SAGIA.