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What is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in KSA? 

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), an LLC refers to a Limited Liability Company. It is a famous business structure that combines a corporation’s limited liability protection with a partnership’s flexibility and simplicity. Owners, known as shareholders, are protected from personal liability for company debts, fostering a favourable environment for entrepreneurship and investment in the KSA business landscape.

Limited Liability Company Saudi

What is the procedure for establishing a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Saudi Arabia?

  • Securing the MISA License: Obtain the necessary license relevant to your industry to ensure the legal operation of your business.
  • Selecting Your Business Name: Define your organisation’s formal and distinctive identity, ensuring legal compliance and establishing a solid brand presence.
  • Legalizing Articles of Association: Confirm the official acceptance of your Articles of Association to ensure their legitimate and authorised status.
  • Completing Commercial Registration: Officially register your business to engage in lawful commercial activities.
  • Enrollment with the Chamber of Commerce: Mandatory filing with the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Filing with the Ministry of Labor: Register your business with the Ministry of Labor to comply with employment laws.
  • Issuing the General Manager’s Visa: Obtain swift approval for the residence permit and visa for General Manager, with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development managing essential labor documentation.
  • Enrolling the National Address for Your Company: Establish an authorised business address for inclusion in government records.
  • Listing with the Qiwa Portal – Human Resources & Social Development: Utilize the Qiwa platform to enhance Ministry of Human Resources & Social Development services and optimise electronic solutions for the labor sector.
  • Enrollment with Zakat, VAT & Corporate Tax: Register your business for tax compliance with Zakat, VAT, and Corporate Tax.

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  • Listing with the Muqeem Portal: Utilize the Muqeem portal for streamlined residency data management, ensuring real-time coordination with Saudi authorities for efficient entry and exit processes.
  • Filing with the Absher Portal: Access 279+ services for Saudi residents, ranging from appointments to passport renewals, ID cards, driver’s licenses, and more—all conveniently available in one application.
  • Enrollment with the General Organization for Social Insurance: Enroll with the General Organization for Social Insurance to ensure worker welfare.
  • Establishing Your Business Bank Account: Create an exclusive bank account for business-related financial transactions.

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