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Certificate attestation is a crucial process that validates the authenticity of official documents for international use. It involves obtaining approvals and stamps from various authorities to confirm the document’s legitimacy. This verification ensures that your educational, non-educational, or commercial certificates are accepted and recognized by foreign governments, universities, or employers. It simplifies visa applications, job placements, and academic pursuits, making it an indispensable step for anyone seeking opportunities abroad.

Certificate attestation Saudi

Saudi Arabia certificate attestation

Certificate attestation in Saudi Arabia is a crucial requirement for newcomers to the country. It is a more intricate and demanding procedure compared to many other nations. The primary objective behind Saudi certificate attestation is to secure a work visa. A meticulous process of document legalization must be adhered to. Documents must undergo a comprehensive series of steps for attestation involving multiple departments and ministries. 

Our range of services

  • Educational certificate attestation: Educational certificate attestation is a formal process that involves verifying the authenticity of academic credentials, such as diplomas and degrees.
  • Non-Educational certificate attestation: Non-educational certificate attestation is a formal procedure to authenticate the legitimacy of non-academic documents, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, and legal contracts, for various legal and administrative purposes.
  • Commercial certificate attestation: It is the verification of business documents, such as invoices, contracts, and business certificates, to make them legally valid for international trade, ensuring their authenticity and legality

The procedure for KSA certificate attestation

  • Attestation from Source Country: The certificate must be attested from the origin country and the corresponding embassy of the country where it was issued.
  • Saudi Cultural Mission Attestation: The certificate should then be attested by the Saudi Cultural Mission (SACM) in the country where it was issued. 
  • Saudi Embassy Attestation: The certificate must be attested by the Saudi Embassy in the country where it was issued.

Helpline Group – Attestation Pioneers 

Helpline Group’s dedication to accuracy and efficiency has established us as a reliable partner in providing assistance for your certificate attestation needs in Saudi Arabia. With a wealth of experience and a solid commitment to client satisfaction, we offer comprehensive support for the attestation of various certificates, ensuring they are recognized and accepted.