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Classification certificate: Your key to thrive in Saudi’s booming market

A classification certificate in Saudi Arabia is an official document issued by relevant authorities to categorise businesses and establishments based on their activities, size, and compliance with regulations. According to their credentials, experiences, and skills, contractors, companies, and medical professionals are categorised using classification services in Saudi Arabia. These classifications help stakeholders, such as investors and consumers, make informed decisions regarding the credibility and quality of the classified entities.

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Types of classification services for companies in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Classification of Organisations:  The Saudi government divides organisations into four groups: micro, small, medium, and big firms.

Nice Classification: Classifies products and services using the Nice Classification system in order to register trademarks.

Saudi Company Classification: This system classifies various business entities, such as Limited Partnership Companies, Joint Stock Companies, and Limited Liability Companies.

Contractors Classification System: Most public organisations in Saudi Arabia employ the contractors’ classification system (CCS) to prequalify contractors.

Service Provider Registration Category: According to the subscriber data categorization, the service provider registration category corresponds to the category for which the service provider is qualified to handle subscriber data.

Importance of classification services in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, classification services are essential for managing and coordinating a variety of sectors. They offer a well-organised system for evaluating and classifying firms, assuring adherence to regional regulations and global standards. This classification helps to stimulate competition in the marketplace, provide investment opportunities, and promote transparency. Additionally, it makes better risk management possible, makes resource allocation possible, and ultimately supports the country’s overall economic stability and prosperity.

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