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When registering a combination trademark in Saudi Arabia, which comprises both textual and visual elements, the exclusive usage rights are granted strictly based on the submitted and registered representation of the mark. While this procedure may seem intricate, it should not impede your business endeavours. Seeking professional consultation can streamline this process. Trademark registration is a legal safeguard that provides protection to a brand. It encompasses various forms of intellectual property, including words, phrases, symbols, designs, or combinations thereof, which uniquely identify your goods or services.


Trademark Registration Procedure in Saudi Arabia

  • To secure a trademark, it is crucial for it to possess uniqueness and distinctiveness, and it is necessary to make sure that the chosen trademark has not been previously registered by another individual or business entity. This can be accomplished through a thorough examination of similar trademarks within the Trade Mark Registry.
  • Once it has been confirmed that there are no existing trademarks similar to the proposed one, the individual or entity should proceed to submit the trademark registration application to the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP). The application, accompanied by requisite documents such as a power of attorney, will undergo a thorough review by an auditor to verify the accuracy and validity of the presented information.
  • Subsequently, the auditor forwards the application to the examiner for a thorough examination to ensure that the submitted trademark for enrollment aligns with the stipulated requirements and regulations in Saudi Arabia and the GCC trademark system.
  • Once the examiner grants approval for the trademark, the enrollment of the trademark will be made public by the relevant department.
  • Upon completion of the trademark registration process, a certificate of registration will be issued, containing essential information such as the trademark registration serial number, date of registration, the name of the trademark owner, and other relevant details. This certificate marks the final step in the trademark enrollment process. It’s important to note that the protection period for a trademark extends for 10 years.

Why is it essential to officially register your trademark?

Registering your trademark grants you exclusive rights to your brand, ensuring no one else can use it. This exclusive right helps consumers easily recognize and differentiate your product from others. By securing your trademark, you’re safeguarding your brand’s identity and origin. This becomes crucial in a landscape where unauthorised users may try to claim and register your unregistered trademark as their own, hindering your ability to expand your business or utilise your brand.

Time duration for trademark registration in Saudi Arabia

Registering a trademark in Saudi Arabia typically takes around 3 to 6 months. Still, it’s essential to recognize that this duration is an approximation and could vary based on the unique circumstances of your situation.

Why Helpline Group?

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