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Build your business foundation by registering your Trademark.

When registering a combination trademark in Saudi Arabia, which comprises both textual and visual elements, the exclusive usage rights are granted strictly based on the submitted and registered representation of the mark. While this procedure may seem intricate, it should not impede your business endeavours. Seeking professional consultation can streamline this process. Trademark registration is a legal safeguard that provides protection to a brand. It encompasses various forms of intellectual property, including words, phrases, symbols, designs, or combinations thereof, which uniquely identify your goods or services.


Trademark Registration Procedure in Saudi Arabia

Initiate Authorization and Application Process:

  • Obtain authorization from a government agency.
  • Choose Trademark Service under Services.
  • Access the Trademark Portal and the Service Platform.

Apply for Power of Attorney:

  • Fill out the “Apply for a power of attorney” service with stakeholder data and attach the authorization.
  • Wait for acceptance of the authorization.

Trademark Registration Application:

  • Request trademark registration using the power of attorney.
  •   If an agent is involved, register them in the Agent Registry.

Receive Trademark Consideration Invoice and Payment:

  •  Receive a trademark consideration invoice and pay it. The application will be studied and a decision made.
  • If accepted, receive a publication invoice.

Publication Stage:

  •  Proceed to the publication stage.

Publish Trademark:

  • After publication and no objections, pay the final invoice within 30 days for the certificate to be issued.

Why is it essential to officially register your trademark?

Registering your trademark grants you exclusive rights to your brand, ensuring no one else can use it. This exclusive right helps consumers easily recognize and differentiate your product from others. By securing your trademark, you’re safeguarding your brand’s identity and origin. This becomes crucial in a landscape where unauthorised users may try to claim and register your unregistered trademark as their own, hindering your ability to expand your business or utilise your brand.

Time duration for trademark registration in Saudi Arabia

Registering a trademark in Saudi Arabia typically takes around 3 to 6 months. Still, it’s essential to recognize that this duration is an approximation and could vary based on the unique circumstances of your situation.

Why Helpline Group?

Helpline Group is your trusted business consultant in Saudi Arabia. With more than 25 years of Global expertise, we excel in offering dependable and effective consultation in trademark registration services. Contact us anytime for further information.