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A shipping agency license in Saudi Arabia is crucial for facilitating international trade by overseeing vessel operations and cargo logistics. This license opens opportunities for businesses to engage in maritime services, support global commerce, and contribute to the nation’s economic growth through efficient and reliable shipping operations.

What is Shipping Agency License? 

A “Shipping Agency License” refers to the official authorization of the Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) to provide maritime agency services. This license empowers individuals or entities to represent and execute responsibilities for ship owners or suppliers when dealing with port operations, government entities, commercial sectors, and other relevant bodies and authorities within the maritime industry.

Shipping Agency License Saudi Arabia
Procedure to Obtain Shipping Agency License in  KSA

To acquire or renew a Shipping Agency license in Saudi Arabia, Access the E-services offered by the Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) for a streamlined and efficient application process.

Specific conditions and requirements to obtain Shipping Agency License in KSA
  • For a local investor, an irrevocable and unconditional bank guarantee, must be provided in favour of the Port Authority, where the shipping agency’s business activities will occur.
  • Similarly, a foreign investor must furnish an irrevocable and unconditional bank guarantee, in favour of the Port Authority associated with the Shipping agency’s business activities.
  • Furthermore, submission of a Shipping agency agreement with any shipowner, operator, or supplier is a requisite.
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