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A business license is a crucial requirement for both local and international entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Saudi Arabia. This official approval is necessary in order to operate within the country and comply with local laws and regulations. Operating a business without a license is against Saudi Arabian law, so business owners must go through the process to validate their enterprise and ensure lawful operations.

Business License

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), a business license is a legal document issued by the government that authorizes local and international entrepreneurs to conduct business activities within the country. It ensures compliance with regulations and permits the operation of businesses, serving as proof of legitimacy and adherence to local laws and regulations.

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Types of business licenses in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian government provides foreign companies and individuals with eight varieties of business licenses to pursue opportunities within the country.

  • Service license – Foreign companies are permitted to engage in diverse service-oriented activities within Saudi Arabia, spanning sectors such as restaurants, marketing agencies, IT services, and web or app development. Importantly, these companies have the flexibility to possess 100% ownership of service-based enterprises in the Kingdom.
  • Entrepreneur license – The entrepreneurial license caters specifically to startups, providing them with advantages such as simplified regulatory processes, lowered fees, and eligibility for various government support initiatives.
  • Industrial license – A foreign entity is permitted to establish manufacturing facilities in Saudi Arabia through the acquisition of an industrial license. The regulations allow foreign companies to possess full ownership, enabling them to own 100% of an industrial company within the country.
  • Agricultural license – Agricultural licenses in Saudi Arabia enable foreign companies to participate in various agricultural pursuits, including cultivation and livestock farming. These licenses grant foreign entities the ability to fully own agricultural companies within the country, allowing for 100% ownership.
  • Real estate license – This service caters to international real estate development firms when the combined expenditure for land and construction exceeds 30 million Saudi riyals. The project must be located outside the urban areas of Mecca and Medina. For specific information regarding licensing requirements, it is advisable to reach out directly to MISA.
  • Trading license – A trading license in Saudi Arabia grants foreign companies the authorization to engage in the import and export of goods. Furthermore, foreign entities have the privilege of full ownership, with the ability to possess 100% of a trading company in the country.
  • Mining license – Foreign corporations are granted the authority to partake in mining operations within Saudi Arabia through the issuance of a mining license. Such licenses empower foreign entities to possess full ownership, up to 100%, of a mining company in the country.
  • Professional license – Foreign professionals are permitted to practice their profession, including law, taxation, consultancy, engineering, architecture, and other advisory services, in Saudi Arabia through the acquisition of a professional license. Additionally, they are authorized to fully own professional companies within the country, with ownership reaching 100%.
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