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What is 100% Foreign Ownership?

100% Foreign Ownership means that a business or investment is entirely owned by entities from another country. No local residents or government have any ownership stake in the venture. This allows foreign investors to have full control and responsibility for their business operations in a host country.

Granting foreign investors full ownership can offer substantial advantages.
  • More Investment: Allowing 100% ownership for foreign investors removes obstacles, making the country attractive for international money. This boosts foreign investment.
  • Control and Flexibility: Foreigners have complete control over their businesses. This means faster decision-making, better use of resources, and the ability to implement plans without local ownership restrictions.
  • Economic Growth: Full ownership to foreign investors allows more foreign investment that can lead to economic growth, job creation, and development in different sectors, improving overall prosperity.
  • Innovation and Technology: Foreign investors often bring advanced technologies and new business practices. This helps local industries grow faster and encourages innovation.
  • Market Competition: Foreign businesses entering the market bring healthy competition. This can improve the quality of products, services, and give more choices to customers.
  • Easy Business Operations: 100% foreign ownership simplifies ownership rules and makes administrative processes smoother. This makes it simpler for foreign investors to start and run businesses.
  • Government Income: With increased business activities, the government earns more taxes. This money can be used for public services and building better infrastructure.
  • Long-Term Partnerships: Positive experiences with full ownership to foreign investors can lead to long-term economic and diplomatic partnerships. This encourages more collaboration and investment.
The Procedure of acquiring 100% foreign ownership in KSA
  • MISA License issuance
  • Name Reservation through the Ministry of Commerce
  • Issuing the local Articles of Association (AoA)
  • Issuance of Commercial Registration (CR) with the Ministry of Commerce.
  • Issue General Manager’s Visa 
  • Filing with the Chamber of Commerce (CoC)
  • Enrolling with the Ministry of Labor
  • Listing for the National Address
  • Filing with the Qiwa portal
  • Listing with the Zakat, VAT & Corporate Tax.
  • Company Seal issuance
  • Enrolling with the Muqeem portal
  • Filing with Absher portal
  • Listing with the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) for employee Insurance.
  • Assisting in opening bank accounts for the company
  • Assisting in opening bank accounts for personnel.
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