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In Saudi Arabia, professionals can explore a plethora of possibilities in the engineering consultancy field to create a transformative impact. The Kingdom’s emphasis on economic diversification and infrastructure development, demonstrated by initiatives like Vision 2030, highlights the importance of engineering consultancy services. New technologies are changing industries, and with sustainability in the spotlight, engineering consultancy is getting ready to adapt and lead the way forward, driving progress as a key force. 

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Engineering Consulting Opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s Vital Sectors 
  • Master Planning: With ambitious projects like NEOM and other urban development initiatives, there’s a significant demand for expertise in master planning. Engineering consulting firms can play a crucial role in shaping the future urban landscape of Saudi Arabia. 
  •  MEP Engineering: The construction boom in Saudi Arabia requires expertise in Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering. Consulting firms specializing in MEP can provide essential services for designing and implementing efficient building systems.  
  • Renewable Energy Infrastructure: As the country shifts towards renewable energy sources, there’s a growing need for consulting firms with expertise in designing and implementing sustainable energy infrastructure. This includes solar and wind energy projects, as well as energy efficiency solutions.  
  • Transportation Infrastructure: With plans for expanding transportation networks, including roads, railways, and airports, there’s a vast scope for engineering consulting firms to provide expertise in transportation planning, design, and implementation.  
  • Water Resource Management: Given the arid climate of Saudi Arabia, efficient water resource management is critical. Consulting firms can offer solutions for water supply, wastewater treatment, and desalination projects to meet the country’s growing water needs. 
Licensing Requirements for Engineering Consultancy in Saudi Arabia 

In Saudi Arabia, the regulatory framework distinguishes between two distinct types of consulting licenses tailored to the nature of services provided: 

  • Consulting License for Engineering Offices  
  • Consulting License for Technical & Economic Communication Offices. 

 Understanding the rationale behind these distinctions is crucial for navigating the licensing process effectively. Whether you’re a foreign entity seeking full ownership or an economic and technical organization, the path to obtaining the necessary licenses is critical for your success. 

The dual licensing framework reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to fostering foreign investment while ensuring regulatory compliance and transparency. Each license category is tailored to specific business models and service offerings, providing clarity and guidance for prospective investors. 

Get the Consulting License for Engineering Offices

This license is available to foreign companies wishing to provide engineering consultation services within the country with complete ownership. 


  • Proven experience, emphasizing a minimum of ten years in the field. 
  • International presence demonstrated by licensing in at least four countries. 
  • Financial stability, verified through certified financial statements for the company’s last financial year, authenticated by the Saudi Embassy. 
  • Submission of authenticated commercial registrations of the participating entity in the same field from four countries. 
  • Involvement of partners holding Saudi national identity or commercial registration data of participating Saudi companies, highlighting the importance of local partnerships and regulatory compliance. 
Get the Consulting License for Technical & Economic Communication Offices

This license is granted to economic and technical offices affiliated with countries seeking licensing. 


  • Resolutions from relevant authorities addressed to the Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia, showcasing approval for the establishment of a technical and communication office in the country. 
  • Submission of a letter from the Ministry of Exterior to the Ministry of Investment, requesting license issuance, accompanied by a detailed work plan enlisting the businesses and services to be provided within the Kingdom. 
  • Authorization to conduct market research and prepare reports for concerned bodies in countries seeking licenses. 
  • Prohibition from engaging in direct or indirect contracts, businesses, or investments within the Kingdom. 
  • Annual submission of a summary of the office’s businesses to the Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia (MISA). 
  • The Ministry of Investment retains the authority to monitor and regulate the office’s activities, ensuring alignment with the authorized purpose. 

These stringent yet tailored requirements for each license category exemplify Saudi Arabia’s commitment to facilitating foreign investment while upholding regulatory standards and promoting transparency in the consultancy sector.  

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