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Consultancy is a pivotal professional service aimed at providing specialized guidance and advice to businesses, ultimately driving enhanced effectiveness and financial prosperity. Consultants meticulously assess business processes within their area of expertise and offer tailored recommendations to optimize outcomes. This service is instrumental in empowering businesses to navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and maintain competitive advantage in today’s dynamic market landscape, ensuring sustained growth and success.

Consulting license

Securing a consulting license is essential for those entering consultancy professions, where expertise in various disciplines demands both scientific qualifications and practical experience. Licensing criteria vary across fields, encompassing rigorous studies and consultations. A valid license not only legitimizes services but also assures clients of a practitioner’s commitment to professionalism, showcasing a blend of academic knowledge and practical expertise across diverse majors.

Varieties of Consulting Services

The consultancy service falls within professional services, where consultants contribute expertise across various operational domains. 

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Procedure to issue the consulting license in KSA
  • Define Business Activities and Structure
  • Obtain Approvals from relevant government authorities
  • Select Jurisdiction
  • Choose Company Name
  • Apply for Company License and Registration
  • Apply for an Establishment Card, Labour Card, and Visa.
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