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To establish a business in Saudi Arabia as a foreigner, obtaining a MISA License is essential. This license grants you complete ownership of your enterprise, allowing unrestricted operations throughout the country. The specific type of license required for your business depends on your chosen economic activities.

Misa License

Foreign investors in Saudi Arabia must obtain a MISA Investor License for business initiation. This license grants complete ownership rights and allows unrestricted business operations nationwide. The nature of your economic pursuits determines the specific license required for your venture.

Procedure to obtain MISA license in Saudi Arabia
  • Company structure
  • Documentation
  • Name Reservation through the Ministry of Commerce
  • Issuing the local Articles of Association (AoA)
  • Issuance of Commercial Registration (CR) with the Ministry of Commerce.
  • Issue General Manager’s Visa 
  • Filing with the Chamber of Commerce (CoC)
  • Enrolling with the Ministry of Labor
  • Listing for the National Address
  • Filing with the Qiwa portal
  • Listing with the Zakat, VAT & Corporate Tax.
  • Company Seal issuance
  • Enrolling with the Muqeem portal
  • Filing with Absher portal
  • Listing with the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) for employee Insurance.
  • Assisting in opening bank accounts for the company and persons.
Procedure Renew the Investment License (MISA) 
  • Access the ECA portal dedicated to e-government services.
  • Navigate to Licensing and Registration Services, explicitly targeting the alteration and renewal of Investment Licenses and Locations.
  • Complete the application 
  • Submit the application 
  • Review and approval from relevant department 
  • Process the mandatory fees 
  • Obtain your revised Investment License.
Economic City Investment License Modification

Enable investors in Economic Cities to amend and renew their Investment Licenses by changing their entity’s location within the Economic City.


  • Compliance with Economic Cities and Saudi Arabian regulations
  • Global commercial reputation maintenance
  • No convictions or violations
  • Registration of location with Master Developer
  • Complete and valid government registration profile
  • Proper third-party representation documentation
  • Documents submitted in Arabic or translated, attested as required


  • Completion of “Issue Investment License” service
  • Completion of “Register Lease or Sale” for the location

Access Channels:

  • ECA portal for e-government services
  • Integrated Government Services Center at ECA building

Post-Service Actions:

  • Continue business activities in the Economic City
  • Initiate the location change process with relevant government agencies.
Rules and Restrictions
  • Renewal requests from investment entities necessitate an annual commitment to refresh and align their data with the Ministry of Investment.
  • Before seeking renewal, the entity must thoroughly examine the stipulations of license requirements .
  • Ensuring the validity of the Certificate of Zakat and Income is imperative for the entity before initiating the renewal service application.
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