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In Saudi Arabia, businesses must adhere to government portals like GOSI, QIWA, Muqeem, and Mudad to steer clear of penalties. These platforms offer a centralized avenue for businesses to fulfill governmental regulations and processes. They also furnish online services such as licensing, registration, and surveillance. Neglecting to comply with these portals may result in fines and other repercussions.


GOSI, or the Government Organization for Social Insurance, was established in 1973 as an autonomous entity dedicated to managing social insurance in the kingdom. With its headquarters in Riyadh, GOSI operates financially and administratively independently. The main objective of GOSI is to enhance social insurance by equitably distributing benefits to both contributors and their families.

Registration with GOSI

Registering with GOSI can be done through the GOSI platform. GOSI salary information in Saudi Arabia can be accessed by generating a salary certificate or checking your contribution history. A GOSI contract certificate can also be obtained using the platform.
GOSI calculation in KSA

Calculation of GOSI in Saudi Arabia varies for Saudi nationals and expatriates, considering their basic salary and housing allowances. Regardless of whether the employment is in the private or government sector, two distinct methods are applied for GOSI computation:

Method for GOSI Calculation for Saudi Nationals: The GOSI calculation for Saudi nationals is structured around their basic salary and housing allowances. This method remains consistent across private and government sectors, ensuring a standardized approach. The 22% contribution to a basic salary and housing allowances is a joint endeavor between employees and employers, emphasizing financial security and well-being. Breakdown:

  • Employees contribute 9% for a pension, showcasing a commitment to future financial stability.
  • Employers match this with a 9% contribution to the pension fund, aligning interests in long-term financial health.
  • Both parties contribute 1% for unemployment benefits, providing a safety net during unforeseen job loss.
  • Additionally, employers allocate 2% for occupational hazard protection, highlighting a dedication to a safe work environment.

Method for GOSI Calculation for Expatriates: GOSI is determined through a specific calculation method, considering their basic salary and housing allowances. This approach remains uniform across various sectors, providing a systematic framework for GOSI assessment, irrespective of employment in the private or government domain. Employers are responsible for collecting a 2% contribution for expatriates, calculated based on their applicable earnings, including basic salary and housing allowances.

Contribution Percentage in GOSI

Both employers and employees contribute to GOSI, with employers contributing 12% and employees contributing 10%. Employees from micro, small, and medium establishments, are enrolled with GOSI.


Qiwa is a digital platform launched by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to enhance the kingdom’s business environment. This platform offers a comprehensive suite of services for business owners, employees, and service providers, along with various tools and calculators for various labor-related functions. 

Qiwa Platform Services 

For Business Owners:

  • Hire Employees
  • Manage Current Employees
  • Manage Establishment
  • Establishment Performance
  • Manage Qiwa Business Account
  • Labor Office Services

For Employees:

  • Manage Your Career
  • Manage Your Current Job
  • Manage Your Home Workers
  • Manage Qiwa Individual Account
  • Labor Office Services

For Service Providers:

  • Law Offices
  • Manage Qiwa Service Provider Account
Tools and Calculators:
  • Nitaqat Calculator
  • End of Service Reward Calculator
  • Certificate Validation
  • Linking Occupations to Nitaqat Activities
  • Work Permit Calculator
Profiles and system:
  • Business Profile
  • Individual Profile
  • Saudi Labor System
Registration with Qiwa platform

Registration with QIWA is done usually through the online platform. The government of Saudi has made this process simple and quick.

The following services can also be availed easily through the QIWA portal:

  • Issuance of the salary certificate
  • Reject salary certificate issuance
  • Filter the salary certificate requests
  • Add the establishment’s logo to Salary Certificates
  • Edit the establishment’s logo on salary certificates
  • Issuance of Experience Certificate

Qiwa has introduced these services allowing individuals to effortlessly obtain their certificates, eliminating the need for employer involvement. If you possess an employment contract within the Qiwa platform, you can now seamlessly request your experience certificate.

Conveniently calculate your certificate validation through


Muqeem, an innovative digital platform, was established to transform the documentation procedures for residents within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Muqeem, launched in 2007, revolutionizes administrative processes in Saudi Arabia. With a user-friendly interface, it has registered several users, conducting more than a million e-transactions. Featuring a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive array of services, Muqeem has emerged as an indispensable tool for both residents and organizations, revolutionizing the way residency permit related documentation is handled in the region. 

Muqeem provides a range of services 
  • Issuance, cancellation, and re-printing of exit re-entry visas and final exit visas.
  • Issuing and renewing various types of residence permits 
  • Review and printing of passports and traffic department reports
  • Facilitates sponsorship transfers
  • Profession modifications 
  • Immigration and residency processes 
  • Printing of residence permits
  • Resident’s data through the residency number
  • General data regarding any resident on your sponsorship
  • Information regarding driving licenses
  • Any penalties imposed on any of the residents you support
  • About any resident by name
  • Exit and re-entry visa by residency number
  • Directorate of Passports’ Lists Electronic Services
  • Traffic Department’s Lists Electronic Services Access
  • Printing Iqama
Muqeem service packages
  • Shamel Package – This service provides subscribers unrestricted access to essential functions, such as retrieving information from the employee database, granted to authorized entities or individuals. All this is available through a one-time annual subscription fee.
  • Amaliyat package – Users can enjoy exclusive tasks offered by ‘Muqeem’ essential services through a cost-effective annual subscription, granting access to databases. Additionally, transaction fees apply for specific requested actions.
Benefits of the Muqeem portal
  • Passport details, traffic department reports, interactive services, subscriptions, transactions, and payments are just a click away, ensuring a seamless and reliable user experience.
  • Muqeem revolutionizes the bureaucratic landscape by streamlining processes, significantly reducing time and cost. 
  • Securing or renewing residence permits and essential documentation necessitated numerous visits to government offices, consuming precious time and resources. 
  • However, Muqeem introduces a paradigm shift, allowing residents to complete these tasks online effortlessly.


Under the ambitious Vision 2030 initiative, Mudad is a pivotal tool dedicated to refining contractual dynamics. Designed to govern wage payments, Mudad stands as an innovative e-system, offering seamless access to accurate salary information. It is an inclusive platform accessible to all Saudi businesses, offering diverse tools and services to enhance their outreach. From innovative payment solutions to efficient shipping services and cutting-edge digital marketing tools, Mudad catalyzes Saudi Arabia’s economic growth and diversification. 

Mudad platform Registration

To initiate your registration with Mudad for the crucial task of evaluating employer justifications related to payroll violations. This can be done through the Mudad Portal. 

The Functions of Mudad Portal in Saudi Arabia

Since its launch in 2021, the Mudad portal in Saudi Arabia has effectively facilitated small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to thrive online. The platform enables SMEs to establish their digital presence effortlessly, offering a user-friendly interface for setting up shops, uploading products, and managing orders. With secure payment channels and robust verification processes, Mudad ensures transaction safety, contributing significantly to the kingdom’s digital economy and fostering success for Saudi businesses.

Gain insights into the justification of Mudad for corporate entities.

The Saudi Mudad platform facilitates business growth by offering a virtual marketplace, enabling companies to reach a broader consumer base and enhance sales. It provides essential tools such as payment solutions, shipping services, and digital marketing, aiding businesses in optimizing operations and expanding reach. With secure payment channels and a robust verification process, Mudad ensures transaction safety. As part of Saudi government initiatives, the platform supports SMEs, granting businesses access to resources for accelerated growth and contributing to Saudi Arabia’s digital economy development.

Mudad services

Mudad has an intelligent system for small and medium businesses. It helps pay employees and sends the money directly to their bank accounts. The system quickly shows accurate info about employees through a connection with GOSI. It also manages entity data and employee details and even creates digital wallets and payroll cards. Owners can easily handle payroll, including adding or subtracting money for different reasons like rewards or deductions. 

  • Entity Data Streamlining: Effortlessly access and manage all entity data directly through GOSI.
  • Employee Information Hub: Dive into a comprehensive pool of employee data directly sourced from GOSI.
  • E-Payment Innovations: experience the automatic issuance of Digital wallets and Payroll cards.
  • Dynamic Payroll Management: Empower entity owners with the ability to preserve and process payroll data seamlessly and customize deductions, allowances, and rewards effortlessly.
Payroll Management System

A payroll management system within an organization functions as a software application designed to efficiently manage and streamline the processing of employee compensation, encompassing wages, salaries, bonuses, and deductions. This system is crucial in ensuring the precise and timely disbursement of employee salaries through automated calculating of wages, taxes, and benefits. Additionally, payroll management systems monitor employee attendance, unused leave, and other essential data.

Wage Protection System in KSA

The WPS, or Wage Protection System, is an electronic platform designed to establish a comprehensive database of wage transactions for both male and female employees within the private sector. Its primary objective is to standardize payment methods, ensuring that all salary transactions are conducted through authorized financial institutions in Saudi Arabia via bank transfers. The ultimate goal is to assess and monitor entities’ adherence to timely and accurate salary payments, promoting transparency and accountability in the payment process.

Mudad systems

Mudad has developed a user-friendly electronic system tailored for small and medium-sized businesses. This system makes handling monthly employee wages and bank transactions hassle-free. By linking directly with GOSI, it provides quick and accurate details about both male and female employees. The system also ensures that wage protection information is automatically updated at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Payroll Management System (PMS) effortlessly connects with key authorities:
  • GOSI
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Wage Protection System (WPS)

Moreover, Mudad’s Compliance System aligns with government guidelines, preserving the rights of everyone involved in work contracts. This ensures fair treatment and contributes to creating a secure and inviting workplace environment.

Benefits of the Mudad portal
  • Seamless Government Collaboration: Facilitating integration with governmental authorities for streamlined data exchange.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Effortless salary transfers via direct links with banks and automated uploads to the Wage Protection System (WPS).
  • Rapid Processing Efficiency: Swift handling of wage protection files and immediate generation of violation reports.
  • Unified Interface for Compliance Data: A cohesive and user-friendly platform for creating and documenting employee contracts, ensuring entities’ commitment rates are identified quickly.
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