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Planning a trip to Saudi Arabia involves meticulous preparation, especially when it comes to securing essential documents like the Saudi invitation letter. The Saudi invitation letter is a crucial document required for visa applications to Saudi Arabia. It serves as an official endorsement from a host within the Kingdom, whether it’s a corporation, institution, or an individual sponsor, extending an invitation for various purposes such as business engagements, familial visits, tourism endeavors, Umrah, or Hajj pilgrimages. This letter acts as a testament to the legitimacy and purpose of your visit, strengthening your visa application.  


enjazit  e-number 

To initiate your Saudi visa application, obtaining the Saudi invite is essential as it enables us to generate the Enjazit “e-number” necessary for your application. Additionally, it facilitates the payment process required by the Saudi embassy before we proceed with submitting your application for processing. 

The “e-Number” revolutionizes the Saudi visa application process, provided through registered Overseas Employment Promoters (OEPs). This electronic identifier, generated by Enjaz Information Technology, consolidates crucial passport details such as your photograph, employer information, visa type, and job description. Acting as a digital footprint, it streamlines documentation, ensuring precision and efficiency in your application. 

Here’s why the “e-Number” stands out: 

  • Efficiency: Say goodbye to long queues and paperwork. The “e-Number” expedites visa processing, saving you time and effort. 
  • Accuracy: Bid farewell to errors. The “e-Number” ensures precise data transmission, minimizing processing delays or rejections. 
  • Convenience: Simplify payments with a registered OEP account. Pay Enjaz fees, visa fees, medical fees, and more seamlessly. 
  • Transparency: Stay informed every step of the way. Track your application’s progress from submission to approval, ensuring peace of mind. 

Experience a hassle-free visa journey with the “e-Number” – your passport to efficiency and accuracy in Saudi visa processing. 

The Saudi Arabia Visa Invitation Letter 

The Saudi visa invitation letter is a formal request initiated by individuals, companies, or organizations within Saudi Arabia, inviting foreign visitors for various purposes. It reinforces the credibility of visa applications, especially for business, familial, or event-related visits. 

Depending on the nature of your visit, there are various types of invitation letters: 

  • Business Invitation Letter: If your visit involves business engagements, the inviting company typically issues this letter. It should elucidate details about meetings, events, duration, and the responsibilities the company undertakes regarding your stay. 
  • Personal Invitation Letter: For familial visits, tourism endeavors, or religious pilgrimages such as Umrah or Hajj, a personal invitation letter from a friend or family member residing in Saudi Arabia suffices. It should mention the relation, purpose, and length of stay. 

The invitation letter communicates lots of vital information such as: 

  • The specific purpose of the visit like business meetings, family function, or tourism). 
  • The planned duration of the applicant’s stay. 
  • Specifies the visitor’s accommodation arrangements, whether at a residence, company guest house, or hotel. 
  • Confirms the visitor plans to leave Saudi Arabia after their visit. 
  • Shows genuine reasons for entering Saudi Arabia and no intention to stay indefinitely. 

The Invitation Letter Process 

Regardless of whether you’re representing a corporate entity, an organization, or an individual residing in Saudi Arabia, securing a sponsor is crucial. 

Provide Essential Details to MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) including:  

  • Personal information 
  • Passport details  
  • Intended duration of stay 
  • Purpose of your visit. 

If your application is approved, you will receive a visa reference number. 

Validity of the Invitation Letter  

The validity of a Saudi visa invitation letter depends on MOFA and visa type. After MOFA approval, applicants usually have around 90 days to apply. Visit duration varies based on purpose and Saudi immigration discretion. It’s crucial to apply promptly for the visa to avoid expiration, requiring the sponsor to restart the process. 

Visa without invitation letter 

For the tourist visa introduced in 2019, an invitation letter is not always required. Travelers eligible for this visa can apply online for an e-visa without the need for a traditional invitation letter. However, it’s crucial to verify the specific requirements for the visa category you’re applying for. 

Visa Types and Their Associated Invitation Letters: 

 Different visa categories require specific invitation letters tailored to the purpose of the visit: 

Visa Type  Invitation Source  Invitation details 
Tourist Visa  Friends or family based in Saudi Arabia  Details the visitor’s relationship, travel intention, duration of stay  
Business Visa  Inviting companies  Specifies meeting agendas, event particulars, length of stay, hosting company’s responsibilities. 
Umrah and Hajj Visa  Travel agencies or pilgrimage service providers  Outlines logistical arrangements for the religious pilgrimage journey. 
Work Visa  Employers offering job opportunities in Saudi Arabia  Provides invitation letters to potential employees, usually with job offers or employment contracts. 


Legal responsibilities: 

  • Overstay Accountability: If the visitor exceeds their visa period, the inviter may face scrutiny. 
  • Conduct Responsibility: The inviter could be held liable if the invitee violates Saudi laws. 
  • Financial Obligations: The inviter may bear financial responsibilities, including covering expenses and potential legal liabilities. 

Crafting a Saudi Visa Invitation Letter: Key ConsiderationsTop of Form 

  • While invitation letters can be sent via email, it’s recommended to have both electronic and hard copies when applying for a visa. 
  • If an error is found in your Saudi Arabia visa invitation letter, promptly notify the inviter, request a corrected letter, and update your visa application accordingly. 
  • It’s generally not advisable to use the same invitation letter for Saudi Arabia visa renewals, as each application requires a new letter reflecting current visit details and any changes in circumstances. 
  • The invitation letter and work contract serve different purposes and are not the same document. 
  • Ensure completeness, consistency in dates, formality, and adherence to preferred formats when preparing your Saudi Arabian visa invitation letter. 
  • Ensure the invitation letter is on company letterhead, signed by an authorized person, and includes employee details; verify consulate or embassy requirements. 

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