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Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa


Embarking on a journey to Saudi Arabia is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the convenience offered by the Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa and the traditional Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa. These streamlined processes cater to a diverse range of travellers, ensuring hassle-free entry to this culturally rich and historically significant destination.


Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa: A Gateway to Effortless Exploration


What is the Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa?


The Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa is a game-changer, eliminating the need to visit an embassy or consulate for visa application. This electronic visa can be completed online, making the process efficient and user-friendly.


Who is Eligible?


This visa is available for citizens from over 50 countries, including European Union nations, Australia, Canada, the United States, and more. Citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries enjoy visa-free access, enhancing the region’s interconnectedness.


Purposes and Activities


Designed for tourists, those visiting family or friends, attending conferences, or engaging in business activities, the eVisa opens doors to a spectrum of experiences. Muslim visa holders can also embark on the spiritual journey of Umrah under specific conditions, excluding the Hajj period.


Duration Options


Travellers can choose between two types of eVisas:


  1. Single-entry: Valid for three months from the issue date, allowing a stay of up to 90 days in Saudi Arabia.


  1. Multiple-entry:Offering a one-year validity, this option permits multiple visits, with each stay totalling up to 90 days.


Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa: Building Bridges through Tradition


Overview of the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa


For those who can’t apply for the eVisa or prefer a more traditional application process, the Saudi Tourist Visa remains a viable option. Typically processed through embassies or consulates, this visa provides an alternative for eligible travellers.


Eligibility Criteria


Travellers who are ineligible for the eVisa or those with different travel purposes can opt for the Tourist Visa. Similar to the eVisa, citizens of GCC countries can use their national ID cards for visa-free entry.


Approved Purposes


The Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa caters to various purposes, including tourism, family or friend visits, conference attendance, and business activities. Muslim travellers can undertake Umrah under specific conditions, excluding the Hajj period.


Duration and Entry Options


With a total validity of one year from the issuance date, the Tourist Visa allows stays of up to 90 days per entry. Boasting a multiple-entry feature, it offers flexibility for travellers planning recurrent visits.


Navigating Your Journey


Whether opting for the modern simplicity of the eVisa or the traditional charm of the Tourist Visa, Saudi Arabia beckons with its diverse landscapes, rich heritage, and warm hospitality. Planning your itinerary becomes a joyous task, knowing that the visa process aligns seamlessly with your travel preferences.


In conclusion, Saudi Arabia’s commitment to enhancing its tourism infrastructure is evident through the user-friendly visa options available. As you prepare for your Arabian adventure, the choice between the Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa and the Tourist Visa allows you to tailor your entry experience, ensuring a memorable and stress-free visit to this enchanting destination.


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