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Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s vision to make the Saudi football league one of the world’s top 10 reflects the Kingdom’s commitment to sports. The Quality of Life Program, launched in May 2018 as part of Saudi Vision 2030, focuses on promoting sports participation, improving athletes’ international performance, and boosting the sports economy. This strategic initiative underscores Saudi Arabia’s goal to be a leading nation with a dynamic economy and a vibrant society.

Sports license in Saudi Arabia

Obtaining a sports license in Saudi Arabia is essential for organizations looking to engage in sporting activities. The licensing process ensures adherence to regulations, promotes fair competition and contributes to developing a vibrant sports culture. Since the 1950s, sports have been crucial in shaping Saudi society and have become deeply woven into the country’s cultural identity.
Saudi Upcoming events

Saudi Arabia is gearing up to host major sports events, including:

  • In 2025, Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. 
  • AFC Asian Cup in 2027
  • Asian Winter Games in 2029
  • Asian Games and FIFA World Cup in 2034. 

These events showcase the country’s commitment to global sports, boost tourism, and drive infrastructure development.

Sports Tourism in KSA

Saudi Arabia is actively pursuing sports tourism as a key focus, aiming to attract individuals who participate in or spectate major sporting events. Notable efforts include hosting events like the World Boxing Super Series and Formula E Diriyah E-Prix, contributing significantly to the country’s economy. The Saudi government also hosts international tennis and golf tournaments and emphasizes high-profile football games, leveraging the success of the Saudi football team. With a successful track record in sports, including three Asian Cup victories, Saudi Arabia’s commitment is evident in its multibillion-dollar investment in NEOM, a futuristic venue set to host groundbreaking sporting events. The global sports tourism market, valued at $323.4 billion in 2020, underscores the potential impact of Saudi Arabia’s endeavors in becoming a premier global sports destination.

Saudi Sports Sector Gains Momentum with Strategic Investments

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund has launched SRJ Sports Investments to boost the sports sector. The investment company aims to acquire and create intellectual property rights for sports events, commercialize competitions, and host global sporting events. Aligning with Vision 2030, the focus is on fan engagement and transformative sports technology. Initiatives for women’s participation and sports facility development demonstrate inclusivity. The ‘Sports Clubs Investments and Privatisation Project’ marked a milestone as PIF assumed control of SPL clubs—Al-Ahli, Al-Ittihad, Al-Hilal, and Al-Nassr, providing significant financial backing. Investments in the next five years amount to US$2b, with a commitment of US$670m for sports club privatization and US$320m private sector investment through club sponsorships until 2023.

The Procedure for Acquiring Sports License

Complete and submit the required forms and declarations as specified by the Ministry when seeking a license for a Sports Academy. The Licensee must meet technical requirements set by the Concerned Federation and obtain its approval for the licensed activity. The Ministry may extend this period based on deemed necessity. 

  • Follow the guidelines to apply for a license or renewal through the Ministry’s website.
  • Comply with all regulations, laws, and instructions from sports authorities.
  • Follow templates for contracts and regulations issued by the Ministry or Federation.
  • Provide requested documents and information, including funding details.
  • Notify the Ministry of any changes within 10 working days.
  • Display the Academy’s name and logo on official correspondence.
  • Obtain Ministry approval before transferring the license.
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