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The Saudi Premium Residency program, also known as the Saudi Green Card, is a groundbreaking initiative designed to attract skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors from around the world. Launched as part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 reform plan, this program aims to diversify the economy, enhance global competitiveness, and promote cultural exchange. By offering unparalleled benefits and opportunities, the Saudi Premium Residency program opens doors to a vibrant and dynamic environment, enabling exceptional talents to contribute to the Kingdom’s growth and development.  


Benefits of the Saudi Premium Residency 

Business Opportunities  

Saudi Premium Residency offers a wealth of business opportunities designed to empower entrepreneurs and investors. Here’s how you can benefit: 

  • Start and Manage Businesses: Premium residents can start their own businesses in Saudi Arabia without a local support. 
  • Invest in the Saudi Capital Market: Access lucrative investment opportunities in the Saudi capital market, positioning yourself at the forefront of one of the fastest-growing economies. 
  • Own a Foreign-Owned Onshore Entity: Enjoy the freedom to own and operate a foreign-owned onshore entity, providing you with complete control over your business operations. 
  • Work Without a Local Sponsor: The program eliminates the need for a local sponsor, granting you greater autonomy and flexibility in managing your business ventures. 
  • Access to Diverse Sectors: Participate in various sectors, from technology and healthcare to tourism and manufacturing, leveraging Saudi Arabia’s strategic initiatives and robust economic reforms. 
  • Innovative Environment: Thrive in an environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship, supported by the Kingdom’s commitment to fostering a business-friendly ecosystem. 
  • Network and Collaboration: Build valuable connections with local and international businesses, creating opportunities for collaboration and growth. 

Seize these opportunities with Saudi Premium Residency and contribute to a dynamic and prosperous business landscape. 

Visa-Free Entry and Exit for Premium Residents 

Premium residents of Saudi Arabia enjoy the following privileges regarding entry and exit: 

  • Unrestricted International Travel to and from Saudi Arabia without the need for exit and re-entry permit. 
  • This benefit is particularly advantageous for global professionals and entrepreneurs who require seamless travel arrangements to conduct business or explore opportunities abroad. 
  • Premium residents benefit from using fast lanes designated for residents when re-entering Saudi Arabia, ensuring a smooth and efficient travel experience. 

Family Residency Benefits 

  • Family members of Premium Residency holders are eligible for residence permits, enabling them to live, work, and invest in Saudi Arabia, with children under 25 exempts from residency visa cost.  
  • Enjoy the convenience of visa-free entry and exit, allowing family members to travel in and out of Saudi Arabia without the need for a visa. 
  • Premium residents can apply for visitor visas for their relatives, facilitating family visits and fostering strong familial bonds. 

Experience the joy of living with your family in Saudi Arabia and create lasting memories together in a welcoming and supportive community. 

Real Estate Ownership 

  • Premium Residency holders can own residential, commercial, and industrial property, excluding Makkah and Madinah, offering investment opportunities and long-term stability.  
  • The ability to benefit from potential appreciation in property values, providing a solid foundation for wealth building and financial security.  

Premium Iqama for Non-Saudi Residents 

Non-Saudi residents can apply for a Premium Iqamait is for skilled expatriates, investors, and entrepreneurs by offering them enhanced living, working, and investment benefits in Saudi Arabia without a sponsor. 

Premium Iqama for Healthcare Workers and researchers: Prerequisites  

Setting out on the path to Premium Residency in Saudi Arabia as a healthcare professional and Researcher demands thorough preparation and documentation. Here’s a breakdown of the crucial prerequisites you must meet to navigate the application process seamlessly: 

  • Submit medical degrees and licenses to practice as a healthcare worker. 
  • Provide evidence of employment or experience in the healthcare sector, demonstrating expertise and proficiency. 
  • Include any awards or recognitions received for outstanding achievements in the field of healthcare. 
  • Demonstrate financial stability by providing relevant documents, ensuring the ability to support oneself and any dependents during residency. 
  • Furnish personal identification such as passports for verification purposes. 
  • Payment of Premium Residency Application Fee 
  • Need the proof of no Criminal Record 

Sponsoring Family Members 

Premium Residency holders can sponsor certain family members to join them in Saudi Arabia. Eligible family members include: 

  • Married Spouse: Legally married spouses can be sponsored to live in Saudi Arabia. 
  • Dependent Children: Unmarried children under the age of 25 can be sponsored. 
  • Dependent Parents: Premium Residency holders can sponsor their dependent parents for visit visa, but they cannot get a residency visa  

This ensures that families can stay united and enjoy the benefits of the Saudi Premium Residency together. 

Saudi Premium Residency Products 

The program offers various residency types to suit different needs: 

  1. Special Talent Residency

Designed for professionals in executive leadership, healthcare, science, and research, this residency requires specific qualifications and achievements: 

  • Researchers: An employment contract from an approved entity with a priority specialization, a monthly wage of at least SAR 14,000, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, at least three years of relevant work experience, a recommendation letter from the employer, and at least three pieces of research in the relevant field. 
  • Healthcare and Scientific Professionals: An employment contract from an approved entity with priority specialization, a monthly wage of at least SAR 35,000, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, the minimum score in the points system, and a recommendation letter from the employer. 
  • Executives: An employment contract for executives at Level 1 or 2, a monthly wage of at least SAR 80,000, and a recommendation letter from the employer (Level 2). 

This residency is a 5-year fixed-term residency, renewable for up to one term. Those who meet the conditions may also apply for a permanent visa to Saudi Arabia. 

  1. Gifted Residency

Aimed at skilled professionals and talented individuals in the cultural and sports sectors, this residency requires: 

  • First Category: Nomination for or receipt of a specified exceptional award, a recommendation from the Ministry of Culture or Ministry of Sport. 
  • Second Category: Fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria approved by the Ministry of Culture or Ministry of Sport, a recommendation from the Ministry of Culture or Ministry of Sport, and meeting the minimum financial capability. 

This residency is a 5-year fixed-term residency, renewable once. Residents who meet the conditions and have an endorsement from the relevant ministry may also apply for permanent residency. 

  1. Investor Residency

For investors wanting to conduct business in Saudi Arabia, the Investor Residency requires: 

  • A valid investment license issued by the Ministry of Investment, with an investment of at least SAR 7,000,000 in economic activities in Saudi Arabia. 
  • A valid Commercial Registration and a Memorandum of Association showing investor shares. 

This residency is available as a 5-year term, renewable term, or permanent residency (conditional in the first two years). To achieve permanent residency, investors need to inject a minimum of SAR 7,000,000 and create at least 10 jobs during the first two years of residency. 

  1. Entrepreneur Residency

Designed for entrepreneurs, startup owners, and innovators, the Entrepreneur Residency requires: 

  • First Category: An entrepreneur license from the Ministry of Investment, a minimum investment of SAR 400,000 from an entity accredited with the Ministry of Investment, a recommendation letter from the investment entity, and a minimum of a 20% share in the company. 
  • Second Category: An entrepreneur license from the Ministry of Investment, a minimum investment of SAR 15,000,000 from an entity accredited with the Ministry of Investment, a recommendation letter from the investment entity, a minimum of a 10% share in the startup company.   

First-category residents receive a 5-year fixed-term residency, renewable for one term. Second-category residents have a pathway to permanent residency, provided they create the required jobs. 

  1. Real Estate Owner Residency

For foreign real estate owners, this residency requires: 

  • Ownership or usufruct of real estate worth at least SAR 4,000,000. 
  • Property free from current and future mortgages, fully developed, and not associated with real estate financing. 
  • Property must be appraised by an accredited valuer from the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers. 

The residency duration is linked to real estate ownership and can be renewed indefinitely as long as the eligibility criteria are met. 

  1. Limited Duration Premium Residency

Limited Duration Premium Residency is available against an annual fee of 100,000 SAR per year. 

  1. Unlimited Duration Premium Residency

Unlimited Premium Residency is available against a one-time fee of 800,000 SAR. This residency offers permanent status, allowing individuals to stay in Saudi Arabia indefinitely without an expiration date. 

Eligibility and Application Requirements 

To obtain Premium Residency in Saudi Arabia, you need to fulfill specific eligibility criteria established by the government. These criteria ensure that individuals granted Premium Residency contribute positively to society, adhere to laws, and can support themselves financially while residing in the country. Here’s what you need to qualify: 

  • Age and Health 
    • Applicants must be at least 21 years old. 
    • A medical examination confirming good health and absence of contagious diseases is required. 
  • Clean Criminal Record – Applicants must have no criminal convictions or serious offenses that could threaten public safety. 
  • Financial Proof – Applicants must demonstrate financial stability, providing certified proof of income, commercial registration documents, audited financial statements, investment portfolios, and recent bank statements. 

Specific Documentation Requirements 

  • Passport Copies – Clear copies of your passport, including pages with personal information and validity dates, are necessary. 
  • Personal Photos – Provide two recent passport-sized photographs in color, taken against a white background, and clearly identifiable. 
  • Proof of Financial Capacity – You need to submit certified financial documents, such as: 
    • Certified proof of income (for employees). 
    • Commercial registration documents (for investors). 
    • Audited financial statements from the last two years (for investors). 
    • Investment portfolios and bank statements from the last 12 months. 
  • Medical Report – A certified medical report from an authorized healthcare provider is required to confirm your good health and the absence of contagious diseases. 
  • Saudi Iqama Number – If you are currently or previously have been in Saudi Arabia, provide your Saudi Iqama Number. 
  • Proof of Address – Provide documentation confirming your current address, such as a utility bill. 
  • Previous Visas – Include copies of any Saudi Arabian visas issued in the last 15 years. 
  • Family Documentation – If applying for family members, include their passport copies, passport-sized photographs, and certified medical reports. A family photograph may also be required. 

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