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In Saudi Arabia, obtaining a residence permit or Iqama is crucial for expatriates, and a mandatory part of this process is undergoing a medical examination at Efada-approved medical centers. This medical report is essential for ensuring a smooth and hassle-free life in the kingdom, as it validates your health status and compliance with the country’s regulations. With our assistance, we streamline this important step, making it easier for you to secure your residency status and enjoy a comfortable life in Saudi Arabia.

Efada Medical Report

Expatriates arriving in Saudi Arabia on a resident visa must undergo a medical examination at Efada-approved medical centers to obtain a residence permit or Iqama. This mandatory Efada medical test can be conducted at any approved healthcare facility across the kingdom.

Procedure to acquire Medical Report From Efada

A medical report can be acquired through the Efada platform by meeting the obligatory criteria for verification. Details as requested would need to be provided.

Procedure to Access Medical Report Through the MOH Website

Ensure the validation of your Iqama medical report through the Ministry of Health (MOH) online platform by providing necessary documents and fulfilling mandatory requirements.

Procedure to obtain Medical Report Status Through the Wafid Website

To obtain medical report status, access Wafid platform and meet mandatory requirements for authentication. Follow the process outlined for accurate verification. For individuals planning to work in a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country from one of the 21 specified nations, such as India, Pakistan, and the Philippines, the Wafid medical test (formerly GAMCA) may be required. 

Procedure to acquire the medical report for the driving license

To obtain the medical report for the driving license, go to a medical center approved by Efada and submit required documents and undergo general check-up. Although the status cannot be checked online, the medical center will notify you by SMS once and the  report will be updated on the Absher portal.

Helpline Group Consultation: Access Efada Medical Reports with Ease. 

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