HomeGet Licensed: Establishing a Renewable Energy Business in Saudi Arabia

Step into the future of energy in Saudi Arabia! With the Kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030 underway, now is the ideal time to invest in renewable energy here. Saudi Arabia is determined to revolutionize its energy landscape and embrace sustainable practices. For entrepreneurs and investors alike, this is an extraordinary chance to be involved in a transformative shift toward green energy. Embrace this moment to make a difference and reap the rewards in Saudi Arabia’s thriving renewable energy sector, where innovation and opportunity collide. 


Why Invest in Renewable Energy in Saudi Arabia? 

  • Alignment with Vision 2030 – Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 aims to transform the economy by boosting non-oil sectors, including renewable energy. The government’s commitment to sustainability presents a favorable climate for investors. 
  • Government Incentives and Support – Investors benefit from various incentives such as loans, tax exemptions, subsidies, and land allocations provided by Saudi government programs like the Mutjadeda program and the Renewable Energy Project Development Office (REPDO). 
  • Technological and Infrastructure Support – Entities like King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KACARE) and Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) offer technical support and infrastructure development, facilitating smooth project implementation. 

Steps to Obtain a Business License for Renewable Energy in Saudi Arabia 

Efficient Establishment Process: 

  • Contract Attestation by MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) 
  • Obtain an attestation from MOFA to certify the authenticity and validity of your contract. 
  • Ensure the document includes comprehensive details about partners, business activities, allocated capital, and company duration. 
  • Business License Application via MISA (Ministry of Investment) 
  • Submit an online application through MISA’s platform with essential documents.  
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee. 
  • MISA reviews applications and typically issues licenses within 10 working days upon meeting requirements. 

Banking and Financial Setup: 

  • Opening a Local Bank Account 
  • Establish a local bank account for managing company finances and capital deposits. 

Compliance with Legal and Tax Requirements: 

  • Navigating Regulatory Framework 
  • Adhere to Saudi Arabia’s labor laws, zakat obligations, income tax, VAT regulations, and other legal requirements. 
  • Ensure timely reporting and compliance with authorities such as MISA, MOCI (Ministry of Commerce), and GAZT (General Authority of Zakat and Tax). 

Documents Required for a Business License 

  • Attested Contract: Verified by MOFA, detailing partners, business activity, capital, and company duration. 
  • Feasibility Study: An in-depth analysis of the project’s viability. 
  • Technical Report: Outlining the technical aspects and requirements of the project. 
  • Financial Statements: Demonstrating the financial health and projections of the company. 
  • Certificate of Incorporation: Proof of the company’s legal establishment in the home country. 
  • Passport Copies: Identification documents of the shareholders. 
  • Bank Statement: Evidence of financial capability and stability. 

Benefits and Incentives: 

  • Access to Government Support 
  • Utilize financial support from programs like Mutjadeda and tax exemptions provided by GAZT. 
  • Benefit from subsidies via REPDO (Renewable Energy Project Development Office), land allocation by MOMRA (Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs), and grid access facilitated by SEC (Saudi Electricity Company). 
  • Receive technical assistance from KACARE (King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy) and market entry facilitation from SEEC (Saudi Energy Efficiency Center) 

Future Prospects and Benefits 

  • Economic Growth and Job Creation – The renewable energy sector contributes to economic growth by generating numerous job opportunities and fostering new economic activities. 
  • Environmental Sustainability – Implementing renewable energy projects helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promoting a cleaner and safer environment in line with Saudi Arabia’s environmental goals. 
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency – Adopting advanced technologies like AI and IoT in renewable energy projects increases operational efficiency and optimizes resource utilization. 

How Helpline Group Supports Your Licensing Journey 

Helpline Group specializes in helping entrepreneurs and investors set up renewable energy companies in Saudi Arabia. With over 25 years of global experience, our expertise spans across company setup, licensing acquisition, certificate attestation, and comprehensive end-to-end services designed to help your business thrive. Our specialties include managing the certificate attestation process with MOFA, preparing and submitting precise applications to MISA for seamless licensing, handling efficient registration with MOCI, and guiding you through opening a local bank account to manage your company’s finances and capital deposits. Additionally, our extensive experience in navigating Saudi Arabia’s regulatory framework ensures your business adheres to all legal and tax requirements, minimizing delays and complications. With our unparalleled expertise and dedication, we provide a smooth and efficient journey from initial setup to full operational status. Helpline Group is the perfect partner for your renewable energy business in Saudi Arabia, offering end-to-end services that ensure your venture’s success. Make a sustainable impact in Saudi Arabia’s energy sector. Contact us today for seamless licensing support and start your journey towards a greener future with confidence.