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Entrepreneurs worldwide are responsible for uplifting local economies, fostering talent, and creating jobs. They diligently implement precautions to minimize risks such as resource shortages. Entrepreneurship is a crucial driver of economic growth and innovation and aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 by catalyzing progress across sectors.

Entrepreneur license in KSA

In Saudi Arabia, obtaining an entrepreneur license is vital for business owners. This service caters to visionary business leaders aiming to establish dynamic, groundbreaking, or exceptional companies poised for expansion and advancement. These companies are committed to delivering superior and unique products or services within the Saudi market, with the backing of entities approved by the Ministry of Investment.

Process of acquiring Entrepreneur License in KSA

Obtain the Entrepreneur license through the Ministry of Investment’s online platform, streamlining the application process for aspiring entrepreneurs and facilitating business ventures.

Conditions and Guidelines for Entrepreneur License
  • In the electronic application, partners are required to disclose any previous licensing by the Ministry of Investment for transparency.
  • License applications must be endorsed by authorized Saudi universities or business incubators to be considered.
  • A letter of no objection from the Saudi sponsor is mandatory for applicants residing in the Kingdom.
  • The initial license duration is one year, subject to annual renewal for the first five years upon approval from the supervising authority.
  • The license has an initial validity period of one year and can be extended annually for the first five years subject to approval from the supervising authority.
  • During the electronic application submission, the applicant must input relevant information, such as Saudi national identity/premium residence/residence details, if applicable, or commercial registration data for participating Saudi companies.
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