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Feasibility study, giving you valuable business insights

Conducting a Feasibility Study is imperative for any business venture. Assessing market potential, regulatory compliance, cultural nuances, and economic stability is crucial. A comprehensive study helps ascertain the viability and potential success of the business, enabling informed decision-making and mitigating

risks associated with the Saudi Arabian market. A business plan is a written document that describes a company, its objectives, strategies, market, and financial forecasts. It helps to identify potential problems and opportunities for a business.


Some of the strategies for feasibility study

Marketing Strategy – Evaluating ways to enter the market while considering the competitive landscape.
Pricing Strategy – Determining the pricing strategy based on product/service costs and quality.
Technical Aspects – assessing the most suitable equipment and technologies to enhance operations.
Manning Aspects – addressing roles, qualifications, remuneration, and personnel acquisition.
Permit Requirements – understanding and adhering to legal requirements and licensing prerequisites.

Time duration for acquiring business feasibility/Business plan in Saudi Arabia
The duration for acquiring a business feasibility study or business plan in Saudi Arabia can vary depending on the specific project and the scope of the study. It can take several weeks or months to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

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