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Saudi Arabia’s audiovisual media license presents an ideal opportunity for foreign companies aiming to venture into the broadcasting or media industry within the Kingdom. With a central emphasis on this sector, the government actively prioritises it as a critical component of its economic diversification efforts outlined in the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative.

Audiovisual Media License in KSA

Foreign companies must obtain an Audiovisual Media license from the General Commission for Audiovisual Media (GCAM) to engage in broadcasting and audiovisual activities in Saudi Arabia. This requirement applies to all entities producing, distributing, or exhibiting audiovisual content in the Kingdom. The Saudi Arabian media industry is a dominant player in the MENA region, holding a market share of nearly 30% with a sector value of SAR 17.4 billion. 

Saudi Arabia’s media sector landscape

Saudi Arabia’s media landscape is a multifaceted sector encompassing diverse industries, fostering a dynamic environment for the flourishing of various content forms. 

The NEOM Media Village

In the vast expanse of Saudi Arabia lies a treasure trove beyond just oil reserves – a wealth of precious minerals, including gold, copper, zinc, phosphate, bauxite, and iron. This abundant natural resource reservoir offers a promising avenue for the mining industry to catalyze economic expansion, particularly in the underdeveloped corners of the Kingdom.

Concentrate on high-quality content. 

In NEOM’s special economic zone, the NEOM Media Village houses Saudi Arabia’s most significant sound stages and production facilities. The village plans to expand with around 25 supported projects, offering a 40% cash rebate for productions. By the end of 2023, six more sound stages will open, responding to the surging demand for regional and international production facilities.

Complying with global standards

The Audiovisual Media License aligns with global standards in media regulation, thereby bolstering the standing of the Saudi Arabian media sector on the international stage. Its primary objective is to allure foreign investors and media enterprises to establish their presence in the country, fostering job creation and making substantial economic contributions.

Rules and Restrictions

  • When completing the electronic application, it is imperative to declare any prior licensing by the Ministry of Investment for one of the partners. 
  • A solemn commitment is required to adhere to all organized obligations associated with the business activity. 
  • This encompasses compliance with standards and Saudization percentages sanctioned by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.
  • The applicant must input information regarding the Saudi national identity, premium residence, or residence, if applicable, to any partners during the electronic application submission. 
  • Similarly, details of the commercial registration for Saudi companies participating in the venture must be provided.
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