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Get on the journey to acquire a driving license in Saudi Arabia is a significant step towards independence and mobility. Whether you’re a resident or a newcomer to the Kingdom, understanding the process and requirements for obtaining various types of driving licenses is essential. From private driving licenses to specialized categories like public driving licenses and motorcycle permits, each type has its own set of prerequisites and procedures. Let’s delve into the intricacies of obtaining a driving license in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Driving License
Types of Driving Licenses
  • Private Driving License: This type of license permits driving personal vehicles with up to 8 passengers, excluding taxis, buses, or trucks.
  • Public Driving License: Necessary for driving public taxis, this license requires specific occupational criteria.
  • Motorcycle Driving License: Tailored for motorcycle enthusiasts, this license involves age requirements, documentation, and a mandatory good conduct certificate.
  • Heavy Vehicle Driving License: Aimed at individuals operating heavy trucks, such as cement trucks, this license requires specific occupational qualifications and documentation.
  • Diplomatic Driving License: Reserved for diplomatic personnel, this license mandates unique documentation including an approval letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Small Carriage Vehicle
  • Medium Truck: For driving small trucks.
  • Small Bus: Required for driving minibuses with a capacity of 15 passengers.
  • Large Bus: Essential for driving buses with a capacity exceeding 15 passengers. Note that a small bus driving license permits driving large buses as well.
Prior Requirements for License

Prior to beginning the application process, it is crucial to ensure that you meet certain eligibility criteria. Firstly, applicants must possess an active Absher account, which serves as a foundational requirement throughout the licensing procedure. Applicants are required to furnish a valid medical check-up report obtained from an authorized centre. This report should encompass various assessments, including an eye examination, blood type analysis, and any other pertinent tests mandated by the authorities. Furthermore, non-Saudis must possess a valid Iqama (residence permit) to proceed with the application process. Adhering to these prerequisites guarantees a seamless and streamlined progression through the licensing procedure.

Application Procedure

Obtaining a driving license in Saudi Arabia is made simple with the Absher Platform. Start by scheduling an appointment for theoretical testing at a driving school via the Absher portal. This platform enables you to effortlessly monitor your application’s progress. Remember, completing the medical examination is crucial, as its report is essential for obtaining the license. Moreover, foreign license holders may qualify for testing exemptions, pending recognition by relevant authorities.

Driving License Test

After completing the required medical examinations, applicants proceed to undertake the initial Saudi driving test. This comprehensive assessment evaluates fundamental driving knowledge and skills under the supervision of a qualified examiner. The examiner assigns a score, ranging from A (Alif) to D, based on the applicant’s performance. If the score is an A, indicating proficiency, the applicant is deemed ready for the final test; otherwise, they must enroll in training classes as advised by the examiner’s assessment. It’s essential for applicants not to rush during the test but to take time to adjust their seat, side mirrors, back mirror, steering, and fasten their seat belt for optimal safety and performance.

Upon successful completion of the driving test, applicants are provided with a date for subsequent assessments, including reverse parking and a computer-based test. The computer test comprises 20 questions and must be completed within 30 minutes. To pass this test, applicants are allowed a maximum of two mistakes. It’s crucial to note that strict adherence to traffic laws and regulations is paramount, as accruing 24 or more traffic violation black points within a year may result in the suspension of the driving license.

License Verification

Driving license verification is critical for promoting road safety, preventing fraud, and maintaining legal compliance in Saudi Arabia. Ensure the authenticity of your driving license through various platforms:

  • Public Query Driving License: Open the public query driving license from Absher to view driving details issued by the Saudi government.
  • Tawakkalna Application: License verification can be done through Tawakkalna Application.
  • Absher: Login to your Absher account to verify your license.
  • Internet Banking: Try to pay the fee for the renewal of driving license. If the system shows the amount to pay, then the license is original. An error message means it is fake.

Obtaining your driving license is crucial for fostering independence and enhancing your life in Saudi Arabia. The process of obtaining a driving license in Saudi Arabia demands diligence and adherence to prescribed procedures. Understanding each stage of the process, from familiarizing yourself with license types to meeting mandatory requirements and scheduling appointments, is crucial in obtaining this essential document. Don’t just obtain a license; unlock a world of possibilities and embrace the freedom of the open road. Your path to becoming a skilled and conscientious driver begins now.